What do you find UNDER your Bed?

I clean under my bed often because a dog ball or toy has made its way under there.  I guess it’s been a while because just a second ago I found:

  1. Dog bone
  2. 6 plastic balls
  3. a half eaten cereal bar, blueberry, so I wonder how hungry H was/is
  4. a battery
  5. 3 of Sugar’s tennis balls
  6. one of Steve’s slippers
  7. 2 cereal bar wrappers
  8. 4 sorry cards, the game
  9. a sock I can’t reach
  10. a felt pad for a chair leg
  11. 6 blocks
  12. Mr. Potato heads ear

Yuck!  I will definitely be cleaning under there more often!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found under your bed….or your kid’s bed?


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