What do you mean you don't drink Coffee- What would a Mormon in the White House really mean


I love politics, and I not really sure where this love came from. However, I think it started because of a really great high school history teacher and a deep love for the TV show The West Wing.

 I love the build up to the Presidential election and even though it is over a year away there has been a lot of talk about a Mormon in the white house. I am not here to talk about my own politics and whom I may or may not vote for in 2012. However, as a Mormon I am very interested in the idea of a Mormon President. I think it would be great if we had a no coffee drinking, holds family home evening huge Kirby Heyborne fan President.

 I remember in 2007 when Mitt Romney was running for the Republican nomination although I wasn’t exactly in step with his politics I considered voting for him because of his religion. After a lot of thought I decided that he just wasn’t the candidate for me, but I wished him well and was generally upset when people questioned his ability to govern because of his religion.

  I think that it is interesting in this day and age that someone’s religion is still an issue. Clearly it has not been a problem for members of the LDS faith, who are members of congress, or those who are Jewish, Muslim or any other religion. Why is it so different for someone who is running for this nations highest office?  

The Washington Post recently posted two pieces on this subject an op-ed piece and a poll, which examined the viability of a Mormon candidate. The Poll stated that in 2008 36 % of Americans were less likely to vote for a Mormon because of his faith, now in 2011 that percent has dropped to 21%. Is this because now that we have elected the first African- American President the idea of electing someone other then your typical cookie cutter President does not seem for bad.

 The two supposed Mormon candidates Mitt Romney, and Jon Huntsman Jr., both have extensive political experience, they have served as Governors of Utah and Massachusetts respectively. They are really not that different from any other affluent, white older male that runs for president They also both have things in their political past that could hurt them far more then where they go to church on Sunday, Romney Care and working for the current democratic president just to name two off the top of my head.

 While I do think it would be exciting for me as a Mormon to see a Mormon in the White house, I also would be just as excited to see a woman, a Muslim, a Latino, or Asian American in the White House. America is such a wonderful place to live, for so many reasons one of them is the great diversity. So when those primaries do come around in 2012 lets judge someone by the job they have done during the work week, not where they worship on Sunday.


My Name is Whitneymarie and though I am a happy Mormon I do not offical represent The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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