What DO You Say to Grieving Friends?

Advice for Helping (Not Harming) Friends in Pain

First, I think you should say what's in your heart and what honors their loss.

*You're so sorry for their loss.

*What can you do.

*Do you want to talk about him? Sometimes people want to remember but everybody is so scared so nobody says the person's name. For some people in grief, keeping memories, words, songs, names, alive is the way they get through. For others, though, the opposite is true. I can't talk about my brother out loud, and I cannot say his name. Friends know that because they asked. My mom wants to talk about him and have pictures everywhere. We all grieve differently. A good friend can try to understand how their friend is grieving and how to best honor that individual process. Read more: So, What DO You Say to Grieving Friends?

Pamela Cytrynbaum

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