What do you want for your children?



A lot of people would answer this question with: I want my son to be a doctorI want my daughter to be lawyerI want my son to run my business etc. But do we ever really care about what our children want. These are the expectations that we as parent create for our children that later on disappoints and hurts us later on in life. We should want our children to be happy.

From the time my son was an infant up until he started developing a personality, I never thought about what I wanted him to be. I was observing his developing and was wondering what he wanted to be. I observed his interest and talents and applauded and encouraged them. I instilled morals and discipline. I made graduating from high school a requirement and college an option but a plus. Some might not agree, but this is where you put what you instilled in them and their decision making to the test.  My son went to college without any pressure from me.

I have seen movies, read books, witness other people experiences, of parents who had these high expectations of their children, and their children later on life resent and rebel against them because of the pressures of growing up trying to meet their expectations.

We cannot force our children to be what we want to them to be but what we can do is, take their personality and shape it with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. We can take their interest, and teach them reality of it and help them expand it. We can take their ideas and aide them in manifesting them. This sound like happiness to me and you should want the same for your children.
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