Who Do You Tell When the Bully Is the Teacher

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I caught a story about a special needs girl being bullied -- by her teacher -- this morning on the Today Show. It stopped me dead in my tracks. It probably shouldn't have. Given all the crazy going around, it is probably par for the course, but I guess I'm more optimistic than I often give myself credit for.

I want to believe that people are kind, generous, patient, and loving. Especially those who teach. You take on the responsibility of a classroom, full of kids. These kids have different abilities. And it's your responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for each of these children.

I love teachers. My husband is one of them. I just volunteered in my son's K-3 classroom and truly enjoyed my time. It was like wrangling wild horses...and fun!

How could these two woman team up against this special needs child? How could the principal not take his/her investigation one step farther? Why not talk to the other kids in the class? Why did the superintendent threaten the family who were simply voicing a legitimate concern?

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The family received an award of $300K from a civil suit against the district. I think they should have gotten more. The teacher's aide resigned. The teacher took a bullying class and is now on unpaid leave for the rest of the year. The family thinks she shouldn't be allowed to teach again. I must agree with them. The state needs to pull her license. A doctor's license would be pulled. You better believe your bottom dollar that if my child was enrolled in this crazy's class, I'd be demanding another teacher and she would be required to stay away from my kid.

This story is terrible for so many reasons. The fact that these two monsters could say such things to a child, let alone a special needs child is unbelievable. One of them told the girl that she was fat. I want to slap her upside her head and then put a mirror in front of her fat face.

As a mother of two children, one who is getting speech help and one who had major skull surgery when she was 6-months-old, I worry for my kids that they will get made fun of. As the aunt of a child who has Down syndrome, I worry that kids will be mean to her as she grows and enters school and the community. I always worry that other children will be the bully... it never dawned on me that a teacher may be the bully.

Good luck to this family. And to those two monsters... I hope this bites you in the butt so hard that those teeth marks are permanent!

Anyone else read/see this story? Did you vomit a little???



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