What Does It Mean to “Speak Your Truth to Power”?


Speaking truth to power is an important professional development skill, but it’s also an important life skill. It’s the best way to live in total integrity – at home and at work – every day of your life. AND it’s a sure fire way to change the world around you in meaningful and important ways every time you speak. This particular skill has been critical in my own leadership journey, and that’s why I’ve done research on the subject and am offering a self-study eCourse on Speaking Truth to Power  to help my executive coaching clients (and you!) learn the subtle art of speaking your truth to power.

And it IS a subtle art!

Announcing: Speak Your Truth to Power eCourse 

Launching: October 24

Watch this video for an introduction to why speaking your truth isn’t the same as knowing your facts, saying what’s on your mind or even unburdening what’s weighing on your heart. In the video we:

  • explore the differences between your personal truth and broader universal truths;
  • explain the ways we give our truth personal power by tying it to our beliefs and values; and
  • introduce the 3 cultural myths of truth-telling that tend to get us tangled up when we speak our truth to others.

I’ll be posting more videos in this series prior to the beginning of the eCourse on October 24, so subscribe to my blog (or YouTube channel) to get them in your email.

When you’re done watching, speak your truth in comments below. What is your experience with this important career and life skill?

Dana Theus

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