What does my career have to do with my wellness?


If you've ever looked at my title, you'll notice it says, "Life, wellness and career coach". I include these words on purpose. I fullheartedly believe that:




our careers must align with our wellness goals which ultimately transform our entire lives.




Some people (sadly) get confused by how their their career fits into their wellness life. But think about it: if you are in a miserable, passionless, directionless, unfulfilled job, do you think that you can describe your life as one of wellness? Probably not.




I should know. I've been there! I've tried merely to "get through" 40-60 hours a week at a job that made my heart feel like it was dying a little each day. Then when I would get home I felt exhausted and had no energy to play! This included not wanting to work out, spend quality time with my loved ones and friends, or eat for true energy. Consequently, I would stay inside, say no to social invitations and stuff my face with comfort food that just wore me down even more. I've written about this "rut" cycle in a previous post, but today I really want to focus on the career aspect of the cycle. When you spend the majority of your time doing something that does not FULFILL you, you are not being truly well and thus not living your best life.




When it comes to wellness, you cannot segment your life. All aspects of living a well life affect one another. If you hate your job, the loathing will inevitably spill over into other parts of your life like your spiritual life or your aspects of self-responsibility and love (in my case, it affected the aspects of eating, play and my physical life).






One of my biggest passions in working with my clients is to help them live a truly well life and one of the biggest roadblocks I seem most of them facing deals with their career.




Are you merely "getting through" a job?




Are you dreading going to work on Monday?




Does your heart feel fully alive with what you're doing?




If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to start exploring your true career desires and design your most well life. If you need help, I'd love to chat.




I love a good career-change story. Please post below if you have one!!! As my adorable nephews always say, "sharing is caring!!!"


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