What does nature teach us…?

Have we ever pondered upon nature; the lessons that it teaches us, the glory of it, and the greatest gift that it has given us?
Nature is our creator and it has a lot to teach to us. We adhere to nature for a lot of habits we learn in our lives. Nature in itself is a great teacher for us. Let’s dwell upon the glory, the pride of nature, its habitat and things that we can imbibe from nature.
First and foremost talking about trees, one of the biggest creation of nature. I must say we all know why tree plantation is given so much of importance. It is mainly for two reasons, one to reduce pollution and the other because it gives shade. Not to forget, every bark of tree is useful for varied human purposes once the tree is dead. This very example of tree has taught us to sacrifice oneself. If not always, at least we can think of times where we could sacrifice and make others happy. This very own purpose of life will be fulfilled had we scarified or helped others not for the sake of ourselves but for the sake of others.
Secondly coming to the sun. We are already aware of the fact that sun rises in the east and sets in west. This is a part and parcel of its daily routine. But, this does happen from time to time. There is no delay in sunrise or sunset. The sun follows the law of nature and is disciplined to it. It has taught us to live a punctual life. But do we really care about it? Every now and then we are late at work, late to attend parties and eventually late reaching home.
Next let’s consider the river. Just as the river keeps flowing, making its path in the way, so we too should keep moving on in life. Life is not a too serious matter and we need to approach it light-heartedly. Every moment has its own experience. Some are good, some are bad. This doesn't mean we should stop moving ahead in life had we come across the bad ones.
Just as the sky has no limits, so why do we confine our limits and give up easily when it comes to challenges. Every challenge must be overcomed in life. If not with others, at least one should try to come up one’s own fears that conquer us.
Varied flowers symbolizes of life being beautiful and colorful. The everlasting hills tell us of power. Every tiny part of nature unanimously co-exists with every other part. This signifies of harmony in life. 

From ants to elephants, each one of them has a lesson to teach us. From the rolls of thunder to the ocean’s ceaseless roar, to the melody of chirping birds, all speak of nature’s praise.
I hope we can all learn from Nature’s example. We can live extraordinary lives if we just follow a few steps. Learn to live in harmony and peace, get rid of habits that can ruin us and make this very own world of ours a happy place to live in. After all, he is richest who is contented, for content is the wealth of nature.



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