What A Doll! She Teaches Girls to Breastfeed

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[Awww! There’s a doll called Breast Milk Baby that “teaches” little girls how to breastfeed. Is this something you’d buy your daughter? Or is it one more marketing gimmick that reinforces stereotypes and makes women feel bad? Eeshap at The Crunk Feminist Collective watched a promo and spills her thoughts.--Mona]

She writes:

My first reaction when I saw the video was “Oh, hell no! My future daughter will not be socialized to think about her breasts’ mothering potential before she even grows them.” Just like I won’t teach my daughter that the sole function of her period is to make her capable of becoming someone’s mama. Her breasts tell her things about her own health and development. They also can be a source of pleasure, both cosmetic and sexual. Her menstrual cycle, not just her period, is about the whole of her sexual and reproductive health. Her vagina both eliminates waste and facilitates pleasure. I don’t want my future daughter’s self-conception to be reduced to or primarily shaped by her female anatomy and its biological functions.

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