What Don't You Know?

What Don’t You Know?

We have a pinwheel as our logo at Tykester.com. It is a cheerful symbol – a bit whimsical. Makes me happy to look at it, since it conjures up playful and simpler times.

Some days, my life seems to be blowing by like the blades of a pinwheel. Faster, faster, faster – and I have the feeling I’m not keeping up.

Remember when you thought you knew it all? I swear there was a time when I was convinced you couldn’t teach me anything new.

I talk to moms everyday who feel the same way. When they were expecting their first child, they had everything planned out perfectly. What diapers they would use. What their baby would eat. Exactly how they would handle teething. They tell me that with a little nod and a sad smile, remembering how it was before life showed us that we don’t know much. It is a bit easier to be confident about the future when you are just starting out, whether it is with a career, a family, or a just a five year plan.

Then things get serious.

Balancing on that thin tightrope of work/family/health becomes a 24 hour pursuit. You lose track of who ate the peas, and who ate the cookie. Technology takes off like a rocket and you struggle to keep up. Your job gets incredibly complicated as a result and that four year old can now run circles around you when it comes to learning how to use a new app.

How is it that I am no longer the expert on anything at my house? Does anyone else consider hiding the phone charger and changing the alarm code, just so you can know something everyone else in the family doesn’t? No one is impressed anymore if I can guess all the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune TV Show, since they would rather play that game through the app on their phone.

So I don’t know much these days, except the fact that I don’t know much.

Once I accepted that fact, I was able to breathe normally again, and focus on “what can I learn today?”

It has been awhile since I was the student and not the teacher. Maybe the hardest lesson to learn is, that if I don’t know how to do something, I can call (or google, or text, or tweet) for someone to help me, because there is abundance of knowledge out there to be shared.

I don’t want to stop the pinwheel, but I can be in control of how fast I let it spin. It turns out that I’m the one blowing on it. That much, I know.


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