What is Enough? (Day ONE-30 Day Challenge)

Welcome to Day ONE of my 30-day challenge. I encourage you to get your Bible, your favorite pen, a journal and a steaming cup of coffee. (You really should think about trying coconut cream if you want to copy what I am currently sipping! It. Is. Delightful!) Get ready to write and underline in that Bible. It will be okay, I promise. Writing all through mine has been a huge help to me in making God’s Word come alive. I love to see what God says to me when I read the verses I’ve underlined and the notes I’ve written beside them. It really does make it easy to apply this ‘head’ knowledge. Soon enough…what I’ve always known in my head…is now forever etched in my heart. THAT is faith! =)


I am so excited to begin…and only slightly dreading the sleepiness that comes when you wake up BEFORE the sun.2013 End of Summa 092 Lol! I know, now that I am awake and writing, that I would rather be with my King than sleep. He never disappoints me in my time with Him. NEVER!


So… I sat down this morning and opened up my Bible to James chapter 2. My eye was immediately drawn to what I had written beside these God-inspired words of James. Let’s first read the verse… “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.” James 2:19 (NIV)


Beside this bold statement made by James I wrote… “Belief is NOT enough! Religion does not equal relationship!” Don’t just skim over these words. READ them.



The demons believe in God.


You believe in God.


What IS the difference?!?! Is your jaw on the floor? Pick it up, dust it off. Don’t let these simple words cause you to feel shame. Shame is the tool of the enemy. But God…HE works with conviction. Conviction still doesn’t feel good…but it is necessary. Shame is not. Learn what God has for you today. Learn the difference between these words; religion and relationship.


RELIGION is knowledge without application. Religion is concentration only on rules. Religion is complacency. (The definition of complacency is- self (uncritical) satisfaction when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers. In my words…you are satisfied with where you are and what you know because you are choosing NOT to think about how dangerous it is to stay that way.) Religion is choosing comfort over the will of God. Religion is the unwillingness to stray from tradition when it is no longer effective.


The demons know all about religion. They are in religion. They hold their allegiance to death. Destruction. Confusion. Pain. They love head knowledge that stays there. They do everything within their power, to make any person with a heart still beating, to never know the difference. The enemy, satan, does NOT want us to know how fulfilling it is to apply Scripture to every part of our day. he knows that even our pain has purpose when we pair head knowledge with heart application. satan has seen God use what he set out to destroy us…to make us stronger. To make us fall more in love and have a deeper level of trust for our Father. The enemy cringes…I smile!


This whole post has made me smile since the day I knew God was asking me to write it. I understand that these are not new revelations I am writing. I am sure that these things have been said before. But I also KNOW that God is going to use them to set someone, as they read today, FREE from religion. They are going to dive into true…relationship! God has been looking forward to this day. He has seen your life…and He knew that your divine appointment was today. I am speaking to YOU! I am writing for YOU! I have been created for such a time as this…and I can not be silenced. Ha-ha!



RELATIONSHIP is constantly striving to move towards. Relationship isn’t happy with being stuck or standing still. Relationship isn’t content with just getting by. Relationship is passion. Relationship is seeking to know more. Relationship is constant conversation. Relationship is looking for ways to bless without expecting a return. Relationship is choosing to see ALL people as though they ARE/or absolutely COULD BE an heir to the Throne of Christ! Relationship is a life of worship…NOT a Sunday morning concert. Relationship is putting off all your old ways and running into the arms of Christ. Relationship is an intimate time spent with just you and your King…daily (at least!)


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