What every mother of an athlete should hear

If your child plays a contact sport (especially football) or does cheerleading, you should probably read this:


After several decades of hiding the seriousness of the risks of head injuries, the NFL is being sued ... by 4,000 of its former players.

As more studies of the brains of athletes, soldiers and others who have experienced head injuries leading to C.T.E. (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) come out, people are beginning to realize that there is a link between concussions and early dementia/depression.

The NFL is arguing that this case shouldn't go to court because it's more of a labor dispute between the retired players and the league. The NFL's lawyers are saying this dispute should be covered by the collective bargaining agreement between the players' union and league.

But the attorneys for the retired players say that the NFL breached a common-law duty to avoid this harm and that although the league has known about these risks for decades, they didn't warn the players and went so far as to launch a "campaign of disinformation." 

I think this could change football (and other sports) in a major way. Maybe I will let my son play football someday.