What To Expect


I can hardly wait for seeds to sprout and transplants to mature. Here's alist of what I've planted.

Bed One:

  • Root Beer Plant (Hoja Santa). Transplant. My most spendy purchase from Natural Gardener. The leaves are large and mildly fragrant. The leaves are used to wrap fish prior to grilling.
  • Artichokes. I bought two transplants. I cannot believe I didn't know these were perennials. I used to spend a lot of time in Santa Cruz, CA where there were fields of them. It's a good memory. I hope mine live to be the big bushy thistle plants they are meant to be.
  • Kale. I planted kale seeds to fill in this garden bed that is under my office window.
  • I planted transplants and seeds on Saturday, October 29th.

Bed Two:

  • Tatsoi seeds(a pakchoi rosette). It looked beautiful at Natural Gardener so I thought I'd give it a try.
  • Lolla Rossa seeds(red, frilly leaf lettuce). I like red lettuce. That's all there is to it. Plus, I thought it would be a nice contrast to the greener, flatter tatsoi.
  • Forellenschluss seeds aka Speckled Trout. Green lettuce with red speckles. It will tie the red and green together. 
  • I planted all of the seeds in Bed One on October 30th.

Bed Three:

  • Raddichio transplants. Two of them. I've never grown raddichio.
  • Red Sails Lettuce transplants. Two of them. I grew this before with great success. I just snip the outer larger leaves and it keeps growing forever.
  • Kale transplants. Two of them. Pretty frilliness.
  • Kale seeds. Red Ursa from Russia. Those Russian winters are harsh! These seeds should come up just fine.
  • Regiment Spinach seeds. I bought these from High Mowing seeds and they did extrememly well last year. They went wild! I wouldn't plant any other spinach after the success I had with these.
  • Chadwick's Rodan seeds. Lettuce. The best lettuce ever. Satisfying to grow and eat. We grew this in the Spring and it did very well.
  • I planted all the seeds in Bed Three on October 3oth

This is the list of what I planted last weekend. Oh, I almost forgot! I also put in some dwarf sugar peas in pots. I am most nervous about La Bête, the guinea fowl, grazing on the seedlings as they come up. We haven't had a problem before but she has recently discovered the raised beds. This may be problematic. Updates to follow.


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