What to expect when you're expecting the pink slip

This story has happened to me and is currently happening to me. The first time it happened, we were huddled in a group when our boss gave us the news. The second time, I didn't know until I realized my login credentials for my computer no longer worked. This time, My boss took me into the ofifce and his boss told me my exact date. Layoffs. Restructuring, redundancy: whatever words you use, layoffs can suck.

During the job loss process, there are several emotions that go through you that you end up navigating. If we were to use the Kübler-Ross model or the 5 stages of grief it would go like:


No one is going to get laid off, everything will be fine.


You can be angry at a lot of people. Angry at management for feeling like you were misled, angry at the government for not enticiing business to stay in your state. Ultimately, you have to be careful not to be angry at yourself for being hopeful that there would be a different outcome.


You were expecting if you did a good job and did all the right things, then maybe things would turn out different. You would be immune from being laid off. The sad thing about layoffs are, you can do all the right things and still end up being laid off.


It kicks in, you'll no longer be working at a place you've spent most of your working hours. Your coworkers some will not be there anymore for a variety of reasons. You may have uncertainty of what will you do next and where are you going to go.



It's happened, you're sad and unsure and it sucks but you move forward.

If only it were a straight line. Like most loss, you will feel some of the stages at one time, or all of them at the same time. The key is to remember that just because you are getting laid off does not mean that you are a bad worker or a bad person. Make sure that you take care of yourself physically (by getting enough sleep, healthy food and excerise) and mentally/emotionally (by talking to positive people, taking breaks from the job hunt and sometimes doing something fun for yourself) to get you through it.


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