What is it About Showtime's "Dexter"?

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In October “Dexter” will air its sixth season, and my husband and I have just recently begun watching the show. And I hate to admit that we, like everyone else, are now shamelessly hooked. Having never even seen a single episode before this, having heard of the show through word-of-mouth only, we bought the first season and, like eating candy, can’t seem to stop watching. We went through season 1 within a matter of days, and then we rushed out to buy seasons two and three, lest we go into withdrawal!

Though I will admit that I cannot eat a bite of food while we sit to watch Dexter, because of all the gore and mutilation, I am ever fascinated even though repulsed to nearly feeling queasy. I fear greatly of suddenly becoming desensitized to all the blood and violence I am watching, but I like the show!

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I am told that video stores never seem to have enough Dexter stocked in their stores, and people impatiently wait for their turn to rent them. And, as a matter of fact, here they are about to begin their sixth season, and we were lucky to have found just one copy of season two at the store. The shelves were nearly empty of “Dexter.”

This is definitely not a show for young children, or for the faint of heart. But be warned, the show will pull you in and have you rooting for this dark avenging angel, “Dexter.”

Are you caught up?  What's your take on Darkly Dreaming Dexter?


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