What Gen-Y Employees Want From a Company

As small businesses continue to pop up like daisies in America, the need for employees will always be relevant to some degree despite the constant economy worry. When a new business opens, it needs employees to help it run. And now more than ever, small businesses are turning to recent graduates to fill those spaces. Being young and having a grasp on what works for a younger demographic makes them a valuable asset to any team. 

I myself have hired three Gen-Y-ers to run our Social Media Department. They bring a diverse spin to the team and have an excellent understanding of how to use any form of internet marketing work best for our company. 

So how do you draw the young folks in? 

Be flexible. 

The best thing a company can offer a Gen-Y employee is flexibility. I have found that many millennials often work more than one job, and if they don't have two jobs they are at least working on some sort of side venture while at the traditional 9 - 5 position. Sometimes things conflict, and a change of schedule is in order. I hold the opinion that as long as all of the necessary work scheduled gets done and I am notified some time in advance, there is no reason I shouldn't let an employee rearrange his schedule every so often.    

Give plenty of work. 

Yes, the rumor is true: millennials are multi-taskers by nature and like to be kept busy. In fact, when they don't have enough to do, that's when productivity can take a turn for the worst. Give your Gen-Y-ers plenty of tasks to work on throughout the work week, the quality of their work will show their appreciation. 

Communicate often. 

Communication is key for millennials. They like to be kept up-to-date not only on what is expected of them concerning current projects, but future projects as well so that they can plan ahead accordingly. Unlike their baby boomer parents who can take minimal directions and take it from there, millennials like to make sure they're right on track every step of the way.