What a girl

Well, today was Rose's day to see her vet, Dr. Rizon, get those ears flushed and medicated!
First she had her breakfast, I feed her wet meals on a dinner plate because the way she eats, her foods get pushed off the sides. This way, there is plenty of room for her to enjoy her food without it going over the sides of a small plate and onto the floor.
 There is another dish I like to use too, a crock dish that has about a one inch deep lip, so things stay in, and don't go over the edge, but I grabbed this one this morning for her.
So off we went, there was a bit of apprehension getting her into her carrier, but not too much, I won...and off we went in our 'space ship'.  This is what I told her...lol..."we are now going to fire up the engine of our space ship and be whisked magically away to your vet's office".  She sat sweetly in her carrier, less than a five minute drive.
We were seen right away!  Temp was taken, normal she weights in at 7.6 pds., and a swab of those ears to make sure mites are dead from the insecticide drops of Oct. 1st.
Okay, we are now ready to flush those ears!  Off Rose goes to the back of the office for the work to be done!  I don't hear anything at all, so must be tolerating the procedure quite well. Drops in ears given, and the rest sent home with me, two drops in each ear once a day for ten days.  The drops are Tresaderm, and need to be kept in the fridge.
Bought Rose and Romeo a new brush, I had been using a boar bristle brush on them, vet assistant brushed Rose's hair with a regular pet brush that goes in to get out the undercoat, explained to me good for skin stimulation, etc., so bought one...it is sized for a dog, but Romeo is quite large...so had that in mind.  When I go to Walmart, I will pick up one for cats, they are smaller and use for under chin and chest.
Romeo went nuts over his brushing, and brushing...I could have knitted a sweater!  He looks and feels wonderful because he has been zooming around since I got back with the brush and a new food sample!
The vet assistant also gave me a pet food sample of Felidae  Platinum, made in the USA by Canidae.  It is for senior and over weight cats.
Rose is a senior,  Romeo is overweight!  As soon as I opened the sample, Romeo wanted to have some, so emptied the sample into another dish, he ate and ate...you would think he never gets fed, he loved it!
Their normal dry is Halo, spots stew...and they love that too.  So now a couple of choices because I called them and asked them to hold a bag of it for me that I would be right over to pick it up.  So now they can dine on either or.  Vet told me it will not hurt her because  it is for seniors too, but Romeo would benefit from it.  I will leave out both at all times for them with their water.  Both of my cats graze at night!
Rose's tummy/loo issues were resolved yesterday morning, she had a good day and hung out with my mother and myself all day, and probably because I moved the water and food dishes out of the bedroom, and into the kitchen for her.  I really didn't want food back there, and too...encourages her to come out and be apart of things with us and she did and was apart of everything.  She loves to be rocked in the rocking overstuffed chair!  Purrs away.
So now her ears are nice and clean, no more mites in those ears, and medication to get those ears back in shape.
We talked about her blood chem panel, and teeth cleaning.  I will have them both done at the same time.  I told vet that I felt her breath wasn't the greatest, but again, she had just eaten her wet meal...he said her teeth do not look overly bad, but all pets need to have their teeth, and below the gum line cleaned...just like people do, so will be having both of those done within a couple of months, no rush there he said and her shots.
Rose's nipples never enlarged, he felt a very small incision site, stated she must have been fixed when she was quite young, so that was good news.  No problems with that to be concerned with.
Right now, Rose is sleeping sweetly with her new clean ears, and I can only imagine that they must feel wonderful.
She will be out around three-ish, closer to four...for her dinner, so not bothering her until that time so she can get her rest!
I must say...I am most pleased today, love her vet and his staff, and everything is going to be fine with Rose.  She has a forever home, she is loved dearly, and being cared for.
Romeo is being a gentleman and knows that she is a little special and in time I know they will be wonderful little friends...right now...Rose wants her space, but that is fine and dandy, she can be and do whatever she wants to do!  Romeo has broad shoulders and nothing ever really bothers him at all.
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