What happened in 2013 stays in 2013

Happy Monday, awesome readers!

Although my guess is that since we’re technically still in the “holiday season”, you’re probably sleeping right now. To which I can only say, GET UP! I MISS YOU!!!

Also, I have an important question to ask you . . .

It all started with . . . I guess it was yesterday . . . and the day before that . . . I was driving by myself, listening to the radio, and suddenly it dawned on me:

I’m enjoying the best years of my life RIGHT NOW.

Confession: Whenever I get to thinking about how happy I am, I start to worry.

I think it’s because at some point during my over-accumulation of life experiences, I came to the conclusion that we have but one purpose here (now pay attention because this is big-meaning-of-life stuff) and that is to overcome obstacles.

Once all hurdles have been conquered, the last grains of sand rapidly slip through the hourglass and *POOF* we get hit by a helicopter on our way to brushing our teeth in the upstairs bathroom.

But that’s crazy, right?

PS. That’s not the important question.

What that says is that we're not allowed to be happy. It says that in order to have permission to stay alive, WITHOUT a terminal disease or random helicopter landing through our house, we have to be living through some sort of crappy circumstances.

Why am I so happy (and worried)?

Because I’m NOT going through any sort of crappy circumstances.

It seems that 2013 was the year that I opened up a few of the dusty old tickle trunks in my mind and soul and got rid of a lot of my own baggage.

Attitudes towards what I do and do not deserve . . . GONE.

Self-imposed limiting beliefs . . . GONE.

Boyfriend who I outgrew about six years ago . . . GONE.

Facing my own junk was a lot like cleaning out my closet and throwing out all the old clothes that I haven’t worn in years.

And to celebrate, yesterday I actually did clean out my closet – Keeping only the clothes that I like and that I wear.

So what’s that important question I need to ask you?

Now that I’ve thrown out 90% of my wardrobe, who wants to go shopping?



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