What Happened to Cheer Detergent?

I went to buy some Cheer detergent yesterday and was surprised to see the soap is now in new packaging. What happened to the cheery Cheer in the pleasing blue bottle with the flower design, the fun, frilly font and the bright red cap? The new bottle design is a depressing looking eggplant/dark orchid/indigo/violet colored bottle with a non-descript bold black font that’s almost intimidating in its force. Gone also is the once-bright flower design, replaced with a geometric kaleidoscope image that looks like a product of a bad LSD trip and nothing at all like I want my clothes to look. The red cap, I’m sorry to report, is also gone.

That’s bad, but worst of all, the fill lines on the inside of the cap are difficult to see unless you’re holding the cap to the light at just the right angle. Unfortunately, when you’re holding the cap at that precise angle you can’t fill it. And I think a person might, if they’re careful, also run the risk of rotator cuff injury. End result is I think I wound up using more detergent than I needed to use and my suspicious nature is wondering if this whole bottle redesign thing isn’t a big conspiracy to get consumers to use more detergent.

Bring back the old Cheer
bottle! The old bottle
makes you actually look
forward to doing laundry!

I’m not going to worry about using more detergent, but I might start thinking about using a different detergent. I don’t necessarily dislike doing laundry, but it’s not the most joyous of household tasks and it’s certainly not as much fun as vacuuming, and with the newly redesigned Cheer bottle, doing laundry has become a little darker and a little more depressing. You could almost say doing laundry has not because a little less Cheer-ful.

When it comes to laundry detergent packaging, I want a bottle that’s going to reflect how my clothes will look after washing which is why I like a brightly colored bottle. Like the old Cheer bottle. With the new Cheer bottle, it makes me feel like my clothes will come out looking like mud.

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