What Happens When I Have a Cold ... (and not enough sleep)

sleepy son

(Zack standing in for my "I'm tired" look.  He's cuter.)
So what happens when I'm fighting a cold,
am over-tired from a weekend craft show,
and I have Book Fair duty this week?
1)  As I mentioned, I have Book Fair duty all week, so I dressed nicely yesterday, including black pants.  However, I have two long-haired cats, so when I got back home, I changed into pajama pants.   Didn't want to get a forest of cat hair all over those pants, you know, and look disreputable.

I forgot to put my black pants back on when I went to pick up Zack.  Dressed up on top, lounge rat on the bottom.  So much for disreputable.  (face:palm)
2)  Stumbling into the laundry room, I decided to finish five loads of laundry.  Except the fifth load of laundry was an already folded, CLEAN load of laundry.  (cries)
3)  I wandered the aisles of Target, trying to remember what I was supposed to buy.  I knew it was important because my son told me "do NOT FORGET, mom!" this morning.  I ended up with coffee, shampoo, and air freshener.  I get home.  In the driveway, I remember.  Crackers for his lunch.  (cries some more as I turn the car around).
4)  I have Book Fair duty today at 1pm.  I will be given control of a cash register.
Heaven help us all.



Lori Anderson



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