What Happens When I'm The Mother-in-Law?

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Everyone has an in-law story of some sort or another: They're awful! They criticize everything we do. They're wonderful! They babysit every Saturday night. As for me, my in-law story is that I got to keep my mother-in-law in my divorce. (Lucky me! My son and I both adore her.) Well, when Jessica from Team Rasler realized that, as the mother of two sons, someday she is the one who will be the mother-in-law. So she came up with a plan: to make a list of the traits that make a good daughter-in-law, the kind of daughter-in-law Jessica hopes to have herself, someday. Check it out:

Figuring Out the In-Law Thing

The realization washed over me while I was still in the hospital after my second son was born.

Someday, it will happen.

I will become the mother-in-law.

prison cell

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I don’t know how it is in other cultures, but in mine—white, middle-class, suburban America—so often, her mother is the "mom" and his is the "mother-in-law."

We all have our hopes and fears when we meet our mothers-in-law, no matter at what stage of the relationship it was. We all want to get along, to be liked, and most of all to be accepted. For many of us, it’s challenging at first. His family has different traditions, expectations, inside jokes. We keep at it for the sake of family harmony, and the more we get to know our spouses, the easier it is to sympathize with their mothers.

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