What happens when a life coach cyber slaps you?

Believe me, there’s been plenty worse said about me, but that’s not the point……the point is this woman has TWO roles in which her JOB is to LEAD the way, as a mother AND as a life coach……in fact she offers highly priced empowerment books, courses and sessions on her website, which she proclaims is all about female empowerment……must have missed the part of her manifesto where it is only about empowering SOME women not all of the sistahood (yes, she’s one of THOSE!!!)….and god forbid you should come across any kind of difficulty in life, because her sentiment seems to be to just give up….or give up on someone you don’t even know, or better still, why not even kick them when they are down or trying to get back up, because hey, it’s just like walking over the homeless people in the street….if you cross the road and walk fast enough you don’t have to give them a second thought either. Other people’s problems are other people’s problems and it seems compassion is only for those she deems “worthy”.

Well, Bobbi, here is what I hope for you – nothing but the best of everything…I hope your daughter grows up KNOWING the difference between right and wrong and the value of thirty minutes well spent versus 30 seconds doing something stupid, nasty, shallow, insensitive and uncaring. If Facebook is where you put your best face forward I would hate to see what you say about people behind their backs. I hope your clients see your true core values and judge with their checkbooks so you too can appreciate how amazing it is when a person can pick themselves up out of nothing time and time again, never ever give up, still keep smiling, still want the best for people, still want to help others and still want to live life to the fullest. That is what life coaching is REALLY about. Not the haves versus the have nots and let’s all knock others so we can feel so much more superior than them……because let me tell you, my sister from another mister, circumstances can change at any given time, and it is only then that you discover your true worth……I know mine. I am priceless even if only to my son and that makes my entire life WORTH SOMETHING!

For more tips and hints on how worthless your life may or may not be http://www.askcoachbobbi.com


Me and my darling son Kai

Me and my darling son Kai

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