What Happens when a NORMAL BLOGGER Goes to #BlogHer14


Copy of Title Template     While many bloggers love the anonymity of living behind a computer, personally, I love being around people.


I’m a  stereotypical extrovert; I love talking and observing and feeling like I’m a part of something.  The hustle and bustle of #BlogHer14 was perfect for my first experience at a national aninternational blogging conference.


I walked away with a plethora of ideas and selfies.  Lots and lots of selfies.

photo 5

But, the best part was not seeing The Bloggess working her magic on stage or seeing Arianna Huffington control her interview with integrity, grace, boldness, and humor.


My best part of the whole conference was discovering that there are normal bloggers out there.  NORMAL.  REGULAR PEOPLE.


I met so many amazing bloggers. There are bloggers like me, who don’t have 10K followers or a book deal in the works.  There are bloggers who need a creative outlet or who love writing.  There are bloggers with ambitious aspirations who are unwilling to give up, no matter how the odds.  But mostly, there are normal people, who love being online and making friends around the world through writing and relationships.  For me, this was the best part.

It was so nice knowing that I’m among a community of people who blog because they L.O.V.E it.  They love the writing, the connecting, and venturing outside of their comfort zone.


I am genuinely impressed with the bloggers who make the craft a huge part of their life.  I met one woman, Aussa, who keeps up 3 posts each week while working full time and maintaining a life.  Another woman, Lisa, maintains a food blog because it brings her so much authentic joy.


Walking away from the conference, I learned that I am not alone in the “normal blogger” world.  I learned that I don’t have to have 10K followers to love writing and to keep doing it.  I learned that I love this community.


I also learned that, sometimes…if you are good, cupcakes will appear in your room after a long, hard day of meeting other amazing bloggers.

photo 2



Amber is the blogger and coach at Climb Out of The Cubicle.  Connect with her on Twitter.


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