What happens when you turn 30?

So I am turning 30 years old November 12! A part of me is really excited and a part of me is upset that I wont have the number 2 before the other digit. I'd like to believe that my tolerance has changed, also what I care for and who I want around me.

When I was in my teens / early 20's I cared more about what people think. I am not saying I don't care at all, but I do care a lot less. I never left my house without eyeliner or my hair done just incase someone good looking saw me. I wanted to look my best in public.

Now I am married almost 2 yrs. Yes I want to look my best in public and for my husband, but if I have to run to the store to buy milk early Saturday morning because there is none left, I think having my coffee asap is more important than who I may run into on the street. (I already have a man.) And even if I didn't, I WANT MY MILK TO GO WITH MY "CAWFEE".

I also used to know every lyric to every popular song. I used to a hear a song 3 times and know the lyrics by heart. Now? I can hear a song 45 times and memorize 7% of the song's lyrics. Is it that our brains don't care to fit all the extra bullsh**? We are more focused  on our jobs and own life and maybe that is why. Who knows. I asked a friend of mine and he said "Oh My God, I know me too."     Good, so it's not just me. I thought I was losing some brain cells.

I also do not care about celebrities. I can't stand twitter. Yes I have an account and only write on it like once every month or so. I rather read what my family is up to. I rather look at pictures from people I know. Occasionally celebrity news will catch my attention but after 2 minutes, I move on.  When I was 13, I knew the favorite color of the Backstreet Boys & NSync boybands.  Stupid useless information when you're a teen. The people who are still obsessed with celebrities in that manner..... I don't get why. But moving on.

Being almost 30, my friends and I like to go out earlier than we used to. More like happy hour.  We rather go out in the day time / early evening, than late at night. The reason being is, we like to wind down at night and watch TV before going to bed. I also cannot drink alcohol like I used to without getting a major hangover. I drink water with my "drinks" to avoid dehydration. I also have no reason to be prancing around at 3am without my husband.

My girls nights consist of caffe's or a lounge or just bullshi**ing at eachothers homes. I also like going out with other couples. My group of friends are in the same boat. But then there are the single people and some who aren't even single who like to call me "OLD" because I don't want to get trashed everyweekend. It used to annoy me but now? I just shake my head and smile. I am happy, I do not need anyone telling me how to hang out. This summer I probably did more new things than those people (who like to call me old.)
I am not old - I am acting like a 30 year old.  To each is own. If I don't comment on what you are doing at your age, then you shouldn't be commenting on what I want to do or DON'T want to do.

Sorry that was a little rant.

Anyone feel like they care less for certain things that they were obsessed with when they were younger?




The Queen


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