What the He!!?

This is one of my first posts.  It was from last year.  the rest of the story is at http://rachfisher.blogspot.com December of 2009

Tis the season?  I guess so.  This morning started off like every other day.  I woke up, stumbled to the bathroom, and then to the coffee pot.  My oldest son already dressed and ready for school.  He even had his coat on  though there was still a half hour till the bus.  I asked him if his brother was up yet.  No was his reply.  So I went down stairs to try to wake the five year old up for school, where he proceeds to tell me he is too sick, and he can't get up.  Though I am not 100% positive, I am pretty sure he is fine, and he just doesn't want to get out of bed.  I remind him that if he doesn't get up he will have to go to bed early tonight, because obviously if he is too tired to get up in the morning, that implies that he is going to bed to late.  With the promise of wootmeal (oatmeal) and a cup of coffee, I persuade him to come upstairs and get dressed.  I start craving a cigarette really really bad about this time.  I have quit smoking, but only for about one week, and the cravings are still pretty bad.  At about 7:10AM I drive the boys up to the bus stop.  It is only about one third mile, but it is also only about 4 degrees, not to mention it is still dark.  No need to send them out as cougar bait, so I drive them and wait till the bus pulls away before I turn around and go back home to finish my coffee, and see if I can find a left over smoke somewhere.  I grab my cup of coffee, and sit down on the couch for my 30 minute wake up period of the day.  I watch a bit of news and check email and see if any one is reading my blog yet.  WOO HOOO someone has left me a comment, and I am so excited.  They said they were on the edge of their seat and wanted more.  Crap it's my mom.  She has to say that, and she asks if she can be my editor.  Wow I must be worse at this than I thought.  Well, times up,  I go wash my face, do my hair and make up and grab my stuff and head out the door.  My very lucky husband still in bed asleep.  Obviously he needs to go to bed earlier too.  I drive to the gas station/ restaraunt to grab some pop, a rice krispy treat and cheeto's for breakfast ( I know I know) bum a smoke off the waitress and cough and choke my way to work. 


I pull in to the drive way and look at my store and at my 12 foot Santa Clause, where he is crumpled to the ground, because he has not yet been turned on this morning.  Wait!  WTF where is my Santa?  there are the tie downs, there is the bloody electrical cord still plugged in to the building, but Santa... He is gone.  I notice for the first time the tire tracks that lead right up to where santa was and the foot prints that lead to the Santa and then back to where the get away vehicle idled, waiting for what must have been one terrified 12 foot Santa to be stuffed in through the car door.


I called the sheriff, about 9am and they said they will be out around noon.  Okay I said.  Then I thought about it.  Are they that busy?  I don't want to assume they aren't, but really, 3 hrs to get here?  In a town that is so small it doesn't have even one stop light.  WOW.  I must have really underestimated the crime level in this town.  I may need to re-assess whether or not I want to continue to live in such a crime riddled location.

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