What the heck is Touche Éclat and why is it the number one beauty product in the world?

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touche eclat concealerI was seated at the Yves St Lauren counter in Bloomingdale's, eyes closed, allowing the young woman holding the brushes to have her way with my face. The whole time, she kept describing the TUSHY CLOT and how the TUSHY CLOT is so great and how much I'd love TUSHY CLOT and how the TUSHY CLOT will totally brighten my eyes, hold my lipstick in place, and probably cure cancer.

And then my high school French kicked in. 

"Oh!" I said. "Touche Éclat!" Clear touch in French.

"What were you thinking?" she asked."

 "Something else," I said.

I couldn't resist - I bought one and brought it home to determine what exactly the big deal was over this $40 pen-brush filled with concealer. It's evidently the best-selling beauty product globally, with one sold every 20 seconds around the world.

Besides, how could I miss a chance to "optimize my radiance?"

Turns out Touche Éclat has a whole lot of uses: Undereye concealer, eyeshadow base, a light coverup around the nose, a primer to even out lips before applying color. It's light, it's luminous, it doesn't get cakey or build up in creases. I mean...if I were to have any creases. If you've got acne or crazy dark circles (hello, new moms) this is probably not for you but otherwise, nicely done YSL. Bravo. It's pretty darn near close to magical.

It's not just me by the way. Which would account for it's 16 year run. 20 out of 23 Amazon reviews give it 4-5 stars.  Julyne Dereck of beauty.about.com gives it 4 1/2 stars. iVillage files it under "Stuff We Love." The StyleList calls it "the ultimate concealer indulgence."

But yeah...40 bucks. Four-oh.

Them's 90's prices.

Do you have any beauty must-haves that are worth a (possibly exorbitant) higher price? Or are you of the "hey, I have coupon!" school of cosmetic brand loyalty?

 Liz Gumbinner is a BeautyHacks contributing editor, and the co-founder and editor of the influential shopping blog, Cool Mom Picks.


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