What The Hell Should I Make For Dinner?


I love to cook, I cook a lot, and I'd like to think I'm a good cook. I mean, I've only poisoned someone once maybe intentionally and most people keep coming over here to eat, so I must be doing something right. RIGHT?! 

But with the landscape of life changing the way it has, I had to change things up a bit. I typically thought of meals that could get made after school, popped into the oven while we were at various activities and practices, then ready when we returned. That's not the case so much anymore, so I hit up some cookbooks for inspiration for dishes that could be whipped up fast, refrigerated, and served cold that kids would like. 

So while I was popping tags at the ol' Goodwill, I found these three cookbooks. Cookbooks by boner-fide kid cooking speSHULists. I snapped them up for $1.89 a piece and went home to plan my menu. 

Except these women couldn't feed kids on a bet in a starving third world village. I looked at some of these recipes, especially this nut Jessica Seinfeld, whose specialty is apparently tricking children into eating baby food mixed with real food, and laughed hysterically. Spanish shrimp, you say, Rachel Ray?! I'll show you how fast a seven year old whips that plate of nonsense across the room and screams for a hot dog, lady. 


However, I'm all about change these days, and the kids could broaden their horizons a bit, so we picked a couple of recipes to try. 'Deviled Potato Salad' and 'Not Your Mama's Tuna Salad' both from Rachel Ray. 


There is nothing remotely edible in Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook. I'm not making chocolate souffle with pureed yams or whatever the fuck she's trying to say. Crazy town. But the book is really pretty and looks good on my shelf, so I'll keep it. Purpose served.


So I assembled the kitchen sweatshop of child labor and got to work. The first recipe was the 'Deviled Potato Salad'. 


I hate that there aren't any pictures in her cookbooks. SHOW ME. 


Tabasco is for pussies. Go big or stay home. 



Spoiler alert: It's basically run of the mill American potato salad with tobasco sauce. I liked it, but 66% of my children begged me to never make it again. It burned when they pooped for 48 hours after they ate it. Whoops. Too much hot sauce, maybe?


The next recipe was 'Not Your Mama's Tuna Salad,' and I basically made this for me because I was looking for something I could whip up on Sunday night, and pack into containers for lunch at work all week. 

STILL NO PICTURES. Why. Are these made up recipes no one has ever made? 


Now I'm getting worried. 




I have a tomato allergy, so I omitted the grape tomatoes from the recipe, obviously, and I was worried about how it was going to taste, because once I put the lemon juice into the pesto sauce, I almost died of asphyxiation immediately. God what a horrid smell. Then adding tuna and roasted red pepper to the mixture? I thought roadkill would smell better.


But the finished product was simply delicious. I'm addicted to it. Once it's been refrigerated for a while, it won't stink anymore. Well, you'll have pesto breath of course, but it won't be that bad.


Basically, you can't go wrong with pasta dishes, salads, and paninis when you need to get a dinner on the table fast after a long day. I probably won't need the cookbooks unless we get bored, but they were good for some inspiration, and I know what the hell to make for dinner now.



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