What? High School Wasn't The Best Years Of Your Life? Huh?

What's that you say?

Someone told you that high school was going to be the best four years of your life? And you believed them?

Then you couldn't understand why you cried yourself to sleep some nights wondering who was saying what about you; who was still a virgin (you KNEW you were the only one) and who was going to be your friend by the end of the week?

How could those NOT be the best years.

How could acne, puberty and your insecurities not have made for 48 fun-filled months? 

If you could go back - would you? If the answer is yes, then I envy you.

I know that I was completely awkward. It always seemed like I was on the outside just wanting to get inside.  It seemed like perfection - the pretty girls with their color-coded outfits and their perfect hair. A Mercedes simply because you turned 16? How awesome is that?!

It's not anyone's fault that I couldn't wait to get out of high school. I wanted to be done with the confusion and I definitely wanted to grow into my legs, my face, hell - even my hair.

Now, at 37, I think...what the heck was the issue? I should have loved high school. I had friends. I learned to re-build an alternator, I went to fun things like choir camps and volleyball clinics (insert sarcasm here). I mean, come on - the 80s' were awesome just for their awesomeness.  And, if you think about it - many people from my high school have stayed friends - even grown stronger in their friendships. Now that is totally rad.

So what's the problem? The problem was that I just didn't know how to just 'be' - I wanted so much to be like everyone else that I didn't take time to learn how to be me. Maybe I would have loved everything about my teen years if I hadn't done so much worrying.

Or, maybe it's better that I got all of that worrying out of the way. If I hadn't learned all of the time-honored traditions way back in 1989, what kind of woman would I be now?

I wouldn't be able to accept the friendships offered to me. I wouldn't know how to interact with people from varying backgrounds and I definitely wouldn't understand that no, I was not the only virgin.

It's true. There is more to life than obesssively obssessing over what everyone else is doing.

I just wish I had known that way back when. 


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