This is What I Did At Walmart

The other day I was driving through a parking lot at Walmart. Yeah, Walmart. I know the kind of people who frequent Walmart on any given day are less than desirable human beings and quite possibly fashionably challenged. I was just driving through. My doors were locked.


A large man -lady was standing in the road with her kid. She appeared to be waiting for someone. She also appeared to be uneducated but I can't prove that. She was in the middle of the road. The middle. Since she was waiting. And since I was driving. I drove by her. Closely. Let's call it a skimming by. But slow enough that if I actually did hit her she might only tip over gently and sustain minimal injury. Just as I was attempting the pass a character from the movie Deliverance appeared.




And he yelled at my car: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?


 It was pretty darn clear what I was doing. I was passing up his slow ass and pretending like I didn't see him or his biggie wife.


When I heard him scream at me through the window of my car, the raw, unfiltered animal instincts came out and I let loose an action that I'm sure scared the super savings out of him. I'm not proud of it. And, my kids were in the car but this is what I did.



And I'll do it again if I have to.

I'm not angry;I'm passionate

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