I mentioned in my first DietBet update (days 1-3) and in my second DietBet update (days 4 & 5) that I'm attempting to follow a 100% low-fat raw vegan diet for the next 4-6 weeks. My husband, Ross, has been completely supportive of me throughout this process of trying out the 80/10/10 diet. I can't even begin to tell you what a relief that is! His only concern so far: "But you love to cook... and now you're eating a raw diet." That was a little bit of a concern for me in the beginning too, but not anymore!

Now I don't spend time in the kitchen cooking, I spend time in the kitchen creating! 

I keep trying out new raw salad dressing recipes to see what I like best, new sauces for my raw zucchini pasta, my first attempt at raw sushi... so far I'm still having a blast in the kitchen and the best part is that I use a lot less dishes eating this way, so cleanup is a breeze!

2013-08-22 18.33.58

I've got my sights set on trying some new dishes like raw lasagna, raw beetballs, and raw felafel.

Following the 80/10/10 way of eating puts an emphasis on the low-fat aspect of the raw vegan diet, so I won't be relying on recipes that are super heavy in nuts like most raw food recipes seem to be. I've got to get creative and that's what I love doing!

Before I committed to doing the DietBet and sticking to 80/10/10 for four weeks I gave it a shot during the weekdays for the two weeks leading up to the DietBet, to kind of ease my way into it and see if I would like it. So even though I've only been sticking to it 100% for this past week I feel like I've been doing it at lot longer.

Leading up to my decision to try out this diet I spent a lot of time on Michael Arnstein's website, watching his videos and learning as much as I could. Then I watched Megan Elizabeth's YouTube videos until I was blue in the face, and then I bought the 80/10/10 book so I could try it out for myself.

To sum it up, what I eat is fruit all day long. Lots and lots of ripe, fresh fruit. It's amazing. I love fruit!

Then for dinner I have my veggies - and lots of them!

Most nights I have a BIG salad with my goal being one pound of leafy greens, then whatever other raw veggies I want to add to it, plus a homemade dressing. One pound is a lot of greens, so I'm not quite there yet. As of now my salads are around 13-14 ounces of greens, but I'm getting there!

Sometimes I'm not in the mood for a salad so I'll make some raw zucchini pasta, and the other night I even tried my hand a raw vegan sushi!

2013-08-24 19.13.37

The sushi turned out so much better than I thought it would, but I still want to work on it a bit more before I share the recipe.

I'm not making any promises that I'm going to stick to this way of eating forever, but I am excited to see how the next four weeks go and to share my progress with all of you! I will definitely be posting some great new recipes as I get them perfected, so stay tuned!