What I have Learned about God from being an Aunt.

What I have Learned about God from being an Aunt.

I have two precious nephews. They always teach me so much and have really made me realize more the way God sees us. I am sure that every day as a parent you experience these feelings; but I do not have children to compare that experience to.

As an aunt, I search the internet for things I think the boys will want that they have not even thought about wanting. I think about God knowing all the wonderful things He wants to give me that I have not even thought to ask for.

I pray for my boys (ages 22 months and almost 6 years) everyday and pray about trials I know they will face that they have no idea the future will hold. (Like rejection, heart brake, waiting to hear if they got in the college of their choice…Auburn-of course!) God knows the future and knows what we will face and probably cringes when He sees “This is where she goofs up again.”

Recently, I hosted Thanksgiving and had picked up a few toys for the boys. The eldest boy was disappointed that he did not get whatever toy he had in his mind I was going to give him. He acted like a spoiled baby. It was Thanksgiving! A time to be thankful for what we have! Christmas and his birthday are in December. I am planning on giving him many more things for both of those events. This reminded me of the way I feel God should give me things and answer my prayers on my timing schedule.
I love these sweetie pies so deeply and would do anything for them. I am so thrilled when I ask, “Who loves you? “and they both answer quickly, “SuSu!” I know the Lord is also touched when we love him and recognize how much He adores us!

I know there are many more lessons to learn and I am so blessed to be the aunt of the cutest boys in the world (my little princes) and hope you too have a niece or nephew half as precious to you!

Susan Johnston co-author of Princess Bubble