What I Have Learned

In just a few days, the Momspotting campaign will come to a close.

I'm sort of surprised at how this program has changed the way I view the blend of technology and parenting. After spending the past few months with my eyes open to the way technology affects my daily routine, I'm finding that I really want to spend the next few months stepping backward. I'm appalled at the number of parents who allow their kids to play with handheld gaming devices while eating at restaurants. Similarly, I'm disappointed that So Many People are giving their kids the "Wait a second" index finger while they carry on seemingly casual conversations on their cell phones as their kids try to engage them.

When I hang up my Momspotting hat, I'm also going to turn off my cell phone. I'm going to put ridiculously strict limits on my kids' Wii/television/computer time. I'm going to try harder to be present.

Has Momspotting changed your attitude toward parenting in the digital age?


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