What I Know (after vacation)

In my most recent blog I predicted I would be preoccupied by “feeling fat” on my vacation.  I also wrote about the skills I would use to decrease this feeling.  How good at I am at predicting the future?  I was surprisingly bad at it.

First I surprised myself with telling my husband about this vacation roller coaster.  Interestingly, he opened up to me about a mini melt-down about his appearance after he had seen himself on video.  Talking helped us both.  Next I was surprised that wearing a swim suit barely bothered me.  I was much more interested in the salt pond where we swam – we floated like in the Dead Sea!  I was also happy to discover I did not need to avoid my body like I thought I would.  I was very careful to not shape check, but I didn’t avoid either.

The only time I was convinced I had gained weight was at the very end of the trip and after 23 hours of travel. I was in a cab, about 20 minutes from home and exhausted beyond belief.  I looked at my legs and thought they were enormous.  So I forced myself to remember all the contributing reasons why this could be happening: tired, irritable, bloated, and I had that gross feeling you get after eating airport food.  I decided I would suspend my worries until returning to my normal routines.

I am glad I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation without feeling fat.  I know that preparing ahead of time alerted me to possible triggers and how to deal with them.  I know that I cannot predict the future.  So, I guess “What I Know (on vacation)” isn’t much.


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