What I Learned About Pregnancy (Without Being Pregnant): Part 1


Don’t complain about how horrible/untimely/wasn’t meant to be, your pregnancy is or was.

For many women, more than you might expect – they are trying to conceive and it may not be going well* and when you tell these women how unfortunate you are to be preggo, it hurts. It kills a little bit of their faith. Because the hope that they hold on to – more than the percentages of successful Clomid use, the temperature taking, and the planned sex – is that someone above has a plan and it will happen when it is supposed to happen.

So when you complain/whine/cry about how you wanted to get pregnant in September not December, you wish you had a few more months of marriage first, or the second pregnancy came too sudden; all we (you know…those friends living the sooo glamorous life before kids) can do is - try not to throw that wine in your face**.


*made obvious by the flat stomach and glass of wine in their hand.

**and tell you to go back to 7th grade health class to learn about all they ways you could have prevented this from happening in the first place. 


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