What I learned at BlogHer 2011, San Diego

Last year I came away from BlogHer 2010 with information overload. This year I was not going to make the same mistake. I decided I’d only “half listen.” Just like my kids.

Well, my kids were right again; half listening is the answer. I had a great time. Before BlogHer began on Friday, I attended Women Create Media. The taxi driver and I could not find the venue. Someone stole his GPS, and I of course was clueless on where we were going. Did you know the Joan B. Kroc Center of San Diego is located on the campus of the University of San Diego? I didn’t either. Note to all: the iPhone Maps App can only do so much.

The information from Women Create Media was very valuable. Lindsey from Rock and Roll Mama did a fabulous job creating and hosting the first ever WCM Conference. I’ve never considered myself a writer, and after meeting many incredible writers, I never will. I’ll just continue to pretend.

I made some great new friends. One being, Lisa Hartman from Utah of Hers, His and OURS.

Lisa and I shared a taxi back to the hotel. From there she was on her way to meet a blogger from Ohio. A blogger who she had never met face to face. “Oh, who is she?” I asked. “Cafe Smom from Cleveland” replies Lisa.

I know Cafe Smom, aka Heather. I met her in Cincinnati. Her website is acting funky so here is her Cafe Smom Facebook page.

Earlier in the day, I met Sarah from Dot Mine. She lives in Michigan. Her mother grew up in Ohio. Where in Ohio? Four blocks away from our current home. Wait! It doesn’t end there. After talking, we discovered that her next door neighbor grew up in my small hometown of St. Somewhere, Ohio. I heart Kevin Bacon.

Now I must introduce you to two friends I will not, ever NEVER NEVER forget: Vikki of Up Popped a Fox and Deborah of Peaches & Coconuts.

The first morning at breakfast, I plopped my crap down at a table and had the most enjoyable breakfast. Remember, this was a conference of 3,600+ bloggers/affiliates/geeks. The place was packed with people. Wow, did I ever get lucky sitting at that table. Vikki and Deborah are a traveling, comedic wonder. We discussed blogging, children, where we live, the Diva Cup vs. the new disposable Soft Cup—the usual conversation. I am seriously concerned for the wild life. If the plastic 6-pack rings can kill birds on the beach, what will the disposable Soft Cup have in store?

Back to Vikki and Deborah. I have a girl crush on both of them. You must read their blogs; they are brilliant.

Now for an Idiot Mom story. Vikki and Deborah popped by a table I was at during one of the many parties. (Can you believe I left San Diego with 6 of the 10 drink tickets unused? So not me.) Anyway, Vikki and Deborah introduced me to Dana from Mombian. Mombian and I chatted for awhile, and I finally got up the nerve to ask about her name. “So do you have an Ambien addiction?” What does Mombian mean to you? I’m such an idiot. Dana was delightful and probably scared.

The “lesbian bloggers” have their own group of friends, and the thing I love most is that they are very inclusive. Makes me want to try this lesbian thing out, and I’m fairly sure they would welcome my husband. What I’m trying to say, is that there are really great people all over the world, and I met many this past weekend. Oh, and the “fashion bloggers” are not so inclusive.

I also want to introduce you to Colette from Learning To Eat Allergy Free. I first met Colette in Atlanta this past spring. In San Diego, we had the opportunity to talk a bit more. She is in the process of writing her first book. As soon as her book is published and ready to go, I’ll let you all know.

Crap, I’ve got to run. Damn kids. But let me leave you with what I found upon my return home. My husband created a large banner that read: WTFB. What does that mean? I’ve been thinking about writing a book about—so not ready to share that with you yet… Hubs wants me to focus and Write The Freakin’ Book. So, I’m going to Write The Freakin’ Book!

Oh, and the 16-year-old fixed my Google Analytics.


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