What I learned at the BlogHer Food '12 conference

This was my first BlogHer Food Conference. I came as a sponge, soaking up all information presented before me. Overall it was fabulous. I connected with women and a few men of all ages and backgrounds of blogging. Most people I met were lovely and shared their stories including professional writers, cooks and photographers who 

On my blog The Fearless Cooking Club, I give Patty’s Points after I make something for the first time. So here are Patty's Points after going to her first BlogHer Food Conferece:

1)   Don’t drink red wine and wear a white jacket like me. I decided to drink white wine after that.

2)   Pack an extra bag to take home the vendor schwag. There were some awesome kitchen items from the vendor sponsors and gift bags. I thought I wouldn’t get attached to the free stuff but I did. I purchased an $18.00 bag to drag the schwag home in. I wish I was as smart as TheSeasideBaker who brought a really big suitcase.

3)   Be a good listener, because someone has a story to tell. 

4)   Ask questions and be interested in others. Be authentic and sincere.

5)   Food photography is not just about the camera. 

6)  Don't be afraid to be funny. I as told by some fellow bloggers that I was funny. Now I have to find out how to translate verbal wit into written wit.

7)   Find your voice and tell your story.

8)   Ira Glass has a really long and awesome quote on writing that basically says that writing Is hard and practice, practice, practice.

9)   Show your mistakes because everyone makes them.

10)  Blogging is a journey and your posts from weeks or years ago may not reflect who you are now.

Thanks BlogHer for a wonderful experience. The BlogHer Food '13 Conference is in Austin, TX. I have never been to Austin before so I am stoked for next year.

The Fearless Cook resides @ http://thefearlesscookingclub.wordpress.com and is ready to take on the kitchen.

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