What I Learned from the Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show

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I have been promising myself for a while now that I am going to start paying attention to me again. While I love my family life and tolerate my work life, I have not been doing the things that I like to do for me. Now, don't misunderstand me I have never been a makeup girl.  I wear it when I am going out for an evening but lip gloss is all I apply on a day to day basis. With the inspiration of a few makeup savvy friends, I have decided to explore the endless world of lip colors, eye shadowing techniques, and all things face.  As I dig my heels into embracing my thirties, I do so with the knowledge that concealer will likely become one of my closest friends when my children keep me up at night.  Ahhh, discovery.

On Saturday, April 9th, I had the pleasure of attending the Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show.  What better way to spend my birthday morning than to immerse myself in all things girly and learn a few things about makeup.  I had no idea of the wonders that awaited me as I took my seat in front of the makeup runway in the center of Nordstrom's first floor level.  Here are a few things I learned at the Trend Show:

  • 6:30am is not too early for makeup.
  • Women will line up in the damp morning air hours before the Trend Show is to start much like groupies line up for autographs on their breasts.
  • Yes, some of these women will drag their incredibly sad husbands to the show.  Yes, these husbands will get pushed by restless makeup seeking hoards of women.
  • I am not above engaging in a light jog to get a good seat to see said Trend Show.
  • I am not above screaming for free makeup giveaways.
  • Cosmetic lines will fly in their most dynamic representatives from around the county and Norway to introduce drooling women to new products in their lines.
  • Apparently, every woman should have at least one Chanel cosmetic item in her purse.  
  • Tweeting during the Trend Show can get you free stuff.
  • Skin care is the gateway to the land of the beautiful face but makeup is the garden within.
  • When you sleep, your skin works to repair itself.  Yes, night recovery treatments are important.  Estee Lauder is the industry leader in night recovery.  Who knew?
  • I can love a makeup line other than Smashbox.
  • The Laura Mercier counter is my new addiction. 
  • Wearing a full face of makeup does not mean you have to overwhelm your face.
  • Cream eye shadow gives me goosebumps.
  • Black girls look damn good in bronzer.
  • You can wear tinted moisturizer, illuminating moisturizer, bronzer, concealer, cream eyeshadow, cream blush and a full lip and look natural and effortless.
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer w/ SPF 20 in Almond is my new confidant.  Ohhh, the things we will do together.
  • A tight line is a subtly sexy alternative to the standard top lid eye line.  With a gel liner and a small flat brush work the color under (not above) the top lashes.
  • Clarins Instant Gloss gives my lips the perfect red shade.
  • Avaha means love and is the name of a very nice skin care line.
  • The Tanda Zap greatly diminishes pimples in 24 to 48 hours.  Did I buy it? Yes.  Did it work? Yes!
  • Yves Saint Laurent has a beautiful eye shadow line.  Yes, it is expensive.
  • Any and all future Nordstrom gift cards I receive will be spent in the Beauty Department.

I will be attending the show in the fall and cannot wait.  Did you attend the Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show?  What did you think?  Feel free to comment at blushblog.com


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