What I Ran Into: I'm Pregnant

So this happened. The Wife and I are expecting a new roommate in the summer! I recently received the results of the first set of blood tests - all normal, yo! So I finally decided to reveal this here. 

"What had happened was" I was 5 days late with my period, but because of my workload, I thought it wasn't a big deal. On the seventh day, God Oprah  told me to take a pregnancy test. Just kidding. I told myself to do it.

The test showed a faint line (to me). (Apparently it's super obvious for everyone else.)  Then I thought, "Wait, it's a faint line. Maybe it's a false positive." I mean, look at the example - it's a BOLD LINE. I waited another four days and took another test for kicks. Oh yeah, still pregnant. 

The Wife's reaction was a grin and "We are so f*cked." Hahahaha! This is why we belong together. That was the best reaction! 

We've told our closest friends and family via all ways but social media. (The Wife and I have an aversion to announcing it on Facebook. Ironic, eh?) It has been a stressful first trimester, trying to keep this a secret and not worry about the health of the baby, thanks to my "advanced maternal age." (Can that phrase be any worse?)

If you're keeping track, I'm in my 16th week. In the first tri, I lost 8 pounds. I had all-day sickness for the first 12 weeks; no vomiting though. I've since gained my weight back +2lbs. I continue to not have an appetite even though I may be hungry. My default "I don't want to eat anything so I'm going to eat this meal" is a Del Taco 8-layer veggie burrito. *shrug* I also keep a food diary because I'm not getting enough food in my system. Again, ironic.

I can still wear my regular size 10 Gap jeans - holla! However, if I stand naked and look down, I can't see my vagina anymore. I just see stomach. Sexy, right? I think I have at least another four weeks of people playing the "Is she fat or pregnant?" game.

Contrary to popular belief, this blog will remain a snarky lifestyle blog that just so happens to semi-regularly publish posts on old wives tales and cultural superstitions on pregnancy (oh there are some excellent ones), the WTF bullsh*t that happy preggo people don't tell you about, and my progress with Spawn. I've adjusted my fitness routines, especially weight lifting, and plan to keep up with light running and hopefully add some yoga into the mix.

So there you have it. It's in the ether. Google search now has it in their archives. My only request from you, dear reader: Please don't congratulate me on my personal Facebook page. That's all I ask.


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