What I Remember about the 2013 Oscar Show

I wasn't particularly interested in the Oscars as awards this year. I hadn't seen many of the movies under consideration, I was unhappy about the lack of recognition for women among the nominees. Yet women managed to completely steal the show, even while not taking home awards. Instead of the TV, I concentrated on Twitter during the event. Here's how I remember the Oscar show and what distracted my attention from Twitter.

Sally Field, who has been in Hollywood 50 years just like Bond, was in a funny skit with the handsome and youthful host Seth MacFarlane. She even got to lay a big cougary wet one on him, and GO SALLY. Kissing Sally Field was the smartest thing MacFarlane did all night.

Maybe women weren't winning awards, but they were allowed on the stage to sing. They consistently made the show. Shirley Bassey is a power diva now and forevermore. She got the first enthusiastic applause from the audience and deserved it. Her song was the first of many reminders that we've been putting up with Bond movies while enjoying Bond songs for 50 years.

Other songs were delivered with mind-blowing authority and skill by Jennifer Hudson and Adele. Barbara Streisand who sang "The Way We Were" after the In Memoriam clips. Streisand singing live at the Oscars is an event in itself. Her voice cracked a bit, which made me love her performance even more. Adele's song, from the movie Skyfall, won the Oscar. Catherine Zeta-Jones sang "All that Jazz" from Chicago like it was a fresh hit for today. But the voice and the song that really reached inside me was "Before My Time" from the film Chasing the Ice and was shown only in a brief video clip. Scarlett Johansson sings.

Even while @womensmediacentr posted a depressing litany of facts like this, women still predominated.

I looked up from Twitter for a moment when Jennifer Garner and Jessica Chastain came onto the stage, walking fast, looking purposeful and powerful, and not on the arm of a man. The two of them striding together looked like the hope for a better world led from a place filled with feminine strength.

jennifer garner and jessica chastain
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The final mind-blowing woman to appear on the show was the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama presented the award for best picture. She acknowledged the important work that artists and storytellers do and prompted this tweet from @alexandrawrote.

The people giving the acceptance speeches were mostly men, but the show itself should have been subtitled "The Night of the Woman" because women owned the Oscar show.

Virginia DeBolt, BlogHer Section Editor for Tech
Virginia blogs at Web Teacher and First 50 Words.


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