What I think about it Thursday-Mizuno Wave Inspire 9

Happy Thursday! Almost to the weekend.  


Here is my unofficial review of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s.  


Mizuno Wave Inspire 9



What the company says:


Product Features

The Wave Inspire is Mizuno's #1 support shoe. Engineered for runners seeking the best of both support and flexibility, the Wave Inspire's glove-like fit makes it seem to disappear from your foot to create a light-as-air ride all while providing the critical stability and protection you need for miles of brilliant running.  

Mizuno Wave Technology®

Mizuno Wave Technology®


Inspired by nature, Wave is the industry’s most effective midsole technology. Wave’s unique shape dissipates impact forces away from the foot for a smoother, more cushioned feel on every step.

SmoothRide Engineering™

SmoothRide Engineering™


Unique approach to the sole of the shoe designed to create a smooth, rocking-chair-like transition from heel to toe on every step.      


Dynamotion Fit™

Dynamotion Fit™


Combination of shoe technologies that create an upper that moves with your foot seamlessly throughout your stride, eliminating stress points and bunching for a more comfortable run.


What I say:


  I have to be honest up until three weeks ago I had never considered wearing a pair of Mizuno shoes. I wore a different brand and I loved them. (I will call them Brand X because even though I have discovered Mizuno I still think my former brand is a great solid brand) I was on their team all the way. I went to my local shoe store to get a new pair of running shoes and went right to Brand X’s section. I found a pair of stability shoes I liked, paid and left the store. It was that easy, I knew Brand X, I knew the fit, I knew my size-the process was quick and easy.

I went to lace up my new colorful running shoes on that first day and a loop that holds the lace broke. I was bummed and couldn’t wear them. It happens, manufacturing isn’t a perfect science. I wasn’t mad, I didn’t think less of Brand X but was bummed I would have to wait a few more days to enjoy my new shoes.

I took them back to the store to return them. I went to the shoe department and told the salesman that I wanted to exchange them because they broke. Here was our conversation (almost exactly)

  • Me: I would like to exchange these because they broke
  • Salesman: They broke, what did you do?
  • Me: Nothing, I put them on for the first time and a loop broke, it happens.
  • Salesman: Why Brand X?
  • Me: Why not Brand X? I love them it’s what I wear.
  • Salesman: Why not Mizuno?
  • Me: Why Mizuno?
  • Salesman: Let me show you

He proceeded to sell me on the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s. He said they were a great stability shoe and very lightweight. He told me the sole’s don’t break down as fast as other shoes because they have the wave technology and the plate in the sole. He told me if I am putting a lot of miles on my shoes then these were the right pair for me. He told me of other long distance runners who typically buy new shoes every 2 months wore the Mizuno’s for 6-8 months or longer. In a nutshell, he seduced me by saying all the right things.  

I tried the Wave Inspire on one foot and the Brand X shoe on one foot. The Wave Inspire was considerably lighter, narrower and not as bulky.

I need stability shoes for running. A running stability shoe offers me support so that I don’t overpronate my foot and offers more support. What I find with stability shoes is the sole of the shoe can often times be very thick. The Wave Inspire 9’s were not as thick as my previous few running shoes. I purchased the Mizuno’s.

I brought them home but still had Brand X on my mind. I decided to try them out on my treadmill for the first few runs in case I didn’t like them, then I would be able to return them (also the weather was too darn cold)

I did an 8 mile run with them for my first run and fell in love with them instantly.

They were so light and comfortable. I normally need a few runs in a new shoe to break them in before I can give a verdict on them. Not with the Wave Inspire 9’s. I wore them for the 10K I did last week as well so I have also done in outdoor run with them and fell in love even more.

I can honestly say these are my all time favorite running shoe. I will be sticking with Mizuno as my go to shoe from now on. I like their narrow snug fit on my foot.

I love that even though they are a stability shoe the sole is not thick. I love how lightweight they are and how great my feet feel in them.

The bonus to the Wave Inspire 9 was the color, I love the colors on these shoes. When I am looking for shoes I focus on fit first, then hope the shoe that fits the best comes in fun colors.  

I would highly recommend Mizuno running shoes if you are looking for a new brand to try, I don’t think you’ll be sorry.  


What is your favorite running shoe? Does the style ever affect your decision?


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