What I want for Mother's Day...

I keep reading articles and blogs that talk about “What I Want For Mother’s Day”. They talk about breakfasts, jewelry from husbands, brunch outings, days at the spa, and a mass of other trivial bits of nonsense that don’t really mean anything.

I’m a single mom. It’s just me and my son in the house. (well, and the dog and the cat) I work an arduous day job and do my best to run the house on my own. My son is 7. He doesn’t have a job. Or a bank account. In fact, if I found out he used his own penny jar savings to buy me anything, I would put whatever the cost was right back into his jar. He usually brings me something he made in school, and I will look at it like it’s a Picasso. Because to me, it is. It’s better, in fact.

Therefore, when Mother’s Day rolls around, I don’t sit back and wonder what I will get for it. It annoys me that anyone does, really.

There are people that never get to be moms. People who want nothing more in the entire world.

It’s a day to celebrate being a mom, as much as having a mom. It’s a day to reach out to friends who are moms and tell them they do a good job. If you are a mom, it’s a day to look down at your body, whatever it’s shape, and know that it did something so primal but so perfect…exactly what it was designed for.  If you are an adopting mom, it’s a day to reflect into your own heart that you opened it to someone who needed you like no one else and made a family circle complete. Maybe you are a step-mom. A grandmom. A god-mom. Your gift and your reward is in your role.

What will I get for it? I get to see a healthy, smiling boy every day. One who makes me proud. One who opens the door for me and let’s the little girls on the bus before him. One who says thank you without me asking.

What will I get for it? I get to sit and watch movies with my son, who will pause when a mean mom is on the screen and tell me that he is so glad that is not HIS mom. That HIS mom would never, ever be like that. (for the record, we were watching Mommy Dearest…)

What will I get for it? The other day, I got to hear my son tell me that someday, he would get me jewels for Mother’s Day. When he had enough money, because he “knows what it means to respect his mom”. (his words…not mine!) I told him respect and love doesn’t come from money. It comes from the heart.

He said he knows that.

That is my gift for Mother’s Day.


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