What I wish I had known about online classes

One of the most challenging parts of being a mother while back in school and taking classes on-line is the scheduling.  What I have found most helpful is pacing my work.  With my online class, at first I read the chapters and immediately took the tests.  The way the grade book numbers looked, I did great studying this way.  Unfortunately, I did not fully understand the “why” behind the information when I handled it this way.  Specifically with Sciences, I have seriously thought about retaking some as an audit course. 


Now, I do things a bit differently when I study and feel like I am able to apply the information I have learned better because of this change.  At the beginning of the week, I re-read the last test (when it is available).  Then I create a new document of the instructors PowerPoint’s because often you cannot annotate on their copy so you have to make your own.  I read the chapter we are covering and take notes on the instructor’s PowerPoint.  In my notes, I include the page number from the textbook if I find similar information.  I use to print the PowerPoint’s but I feel like I retain more from typing and I HATE using that much paper and ink.  Instead, I email the file to myself!  If my USB thumb drive or computer crashes I will still have my information saved. 


In the middle of the week, I do the exercises or quizzes from the textbook and re-read the footnotes.  I will do any lab work mid-week, when my youngest is in preschool (3 hours of silence).  Lastly, I take the tests the day before they are due.  


This is not needed for every class I may take online and I know it sounds like a lot of extra work, but for me it is how I retain the most information.  Wrought memorization and note cards just do not work the best for me.


What works for you?


Stacy @lookingforisis

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