What I Wore: Capes and Pleats

What  did I wear on a windy day?  Vintage mixed with lady-like style. 
-PJ Gach

Cape 2

If you attempted to analyze my closet, you would get stuck trying to define it because it houses a melange of styles. Vintage pieces are next to Boho, which is hung up right near Preppy, then punk, then finely tailored pieces. In other words, there isn't a specific style, there's a bunch of them.

Cape 1

I like mixing them all up together and creating my own style. When you play with fashion sometimes you come up with the best combinations. If you goof up on an outfit, try something else.

Cape 3

What did I toss together? A vintage plaid wool cape from Scotland. Underneath is  the Selena Belted Dress from Darling Clothes, I'm carrying a 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel and wearing Born suede boots. 

SophieSophie is wearing a down reversible vest from Land's End

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