What If Antibiotics Caused My Autoimmune Disorder?

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[Editor's Note: 30 years ago, I knew just a few people with autoimmune disorders. Today, I know more than I can count - people of all ages. Could there be a relationship between antibiotic use and autoimmune disorders? - Denise]

Image Credit: irrezolut

I stopped taking them for the most part years ago. I stopped taking them because I realized that I had built up such an immunity that they barely worked, and that if that was the case the more I took them the less they would work. I would in the past get them for something like a sinus infection or maybe strep throat, take the full prescription, and then days later I would notice the symptoms coming back…and then get prescribed a new round of antibiotics.

Realizing this, along with the context of having seen antibiotics listed as a potential cause of another diagnosis made me realize that it could be another potential cause of MS that I totally can relate to.

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