What if everyone let you be Juicy, just like Starbuck's?

I live in out in the country a bit. Meaning, for any REAL shopping I have to drive about 25 minutes to shop big. Being a stay at home mom means that I get to Starbuck's approximately once every 3 weeks. And it is with pure pleasure that I order my drink, EXACTLY the way I want it and trot out with my Juicy purchase. I don't know about you but the JOY of Starbuck's is getting the order done the way I want it done...down to the little last drop of goodness. Here's what I mean:

"Hi, welcome to Starbuck's! What can I get you today?" the girl at the counter asks.

(At that moment, I always think..."I wonder if they will roll their eyes when I start speaking and hand me a big sign to wear around my neck that reads..'She's one of THOSE people'".)

I forge on...and say, "Thank you! I'll have a Grande Latte, made with Skim Milk and a shot of Sugar Free Vanilla and another shot of Sugar Free Caramel, no whipped creme please."

And inevitably, they have already started to push the buttons and then have to correct the button pushing process because my order is a little extra long and not quite as normal as other people. But I've never seen them actually roll their eyes. Not even once.

And can I just say...I love that. I really love that! Someone like me can come in and order this stuff...EXACTLY the way I want it and it won't matter a bit. I can be juicy...I can switch it up anytime I want and not a person in Starbuck's will even blink at me. Oh they may have to repeat the strange concoction out loud that I've asked for but they won't tell me I am wrong. They won't tell me I shouldn't be ordering like that or that I am crazy. They simply take my order and let me feel the JOY of drinking my beautifully juicy cup o' jo...in perfect pleasurable silence!

And that makes me think...oh how I wish the world was like that everywhere. What would it be like if we could live exactly the way we wanted to and no one would even blink an eyelash? What if we didn't have judgement or the burden of pleasing others. What if we could be a little crazy and not be seen as crazy but rather ...full of perfectly scrumptious fun!?

Oh I know, I'm dreaming. And yes, the people at Starbuck's are paid to please me and my juicy coffee desires. But it sure would be a fabulous place to live...yes?

(feeling thoughtfully juiced up)

(P.S. My darlings, I just sampled the newest edition to the reduced-fat coffee cakes the Reduced‐Fat Cherry Lemon Coffee Cake with Oatmeal‐Pecan Streusel. Can someone please tell me how 370 calories is helpful? Cause I would really love to eat these over and over again but hmm....I think I should have paid a bit closer attention to the word "reduced" vs. "low-fat" know what I mean? And yes, its delicious...very moist, very rich and the cherry is definately cherry, the streusel is crunch and not over cooked...and there is a hint of coconut in the cake portion. Mmmmmm! Kim, if you're reading this... take note on the coconut possibility!)


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