What If It Was Palin That Teared Up?

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Senator Joe Biden teared up during his debate with Governor Sarah Palin, and at my debate watch party we were riveted, touched, and applauding.

We weren't the only ones.

BuzzEdition, Susan, says, "Biden was more "Joe Sixpack" in that moment talking about his family than I have ever seen before. I'm touched and impressed."

BlogHer's Nordette writes, "Biden choked up a tad speaking about his family. While I think it would not be in Sarah's interest to choke up as a woman (we know people would slam her for that), I do think that her answers, even her stories about her children, sound glib and rehearsed. Biden sounds more sincere.'

Nordette brings up a great point- could Palin have teared up like Biden did?

SharonMcP says, "it showed the pain of a loving concerned father, however if Palin had done it she would have been charcterized as weepy woman."

Although Nancy says, "To borrow a phrase, there's no crying in Wasilla."

When Senator Clinton teared up during a campaign stop, reaction was a bit more mixed.

SisterToldjah writes, "Compare that with the lack of sustained media interest over several incidents of Joe Biden caught tearing up on the campaign trail. Yeah, several outlets reported on it, but you didn’t see the wall to wall, 24-7 coverage of any of the incidents like we did with Hillary Clinton’s show of her “softer side” while in NH."

Jenny Decki says Palin couldn't have done it. Period. "If she had teared up, she would have looked weak. Chicks can't cry on the campaign trail, yo. She had on her big girl panties."

What do you think?


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