What if someone is already using my user name?...and other assorted questions

Hi There,

I searched for my user name/soon to be blog name paleomom and found a few people using it out there. One person even has that user name on Twitter already. Does it matter if others are using my name? I wonder how I can distinguish myself from them...??

I know that I can use paleomom.com since I registered it -- it is mine and I pay for it. But when I tried to create an account in Blogger with the paleomom.blogspot it didn't allow me to do that. What do I do? I don't remember what reason it gave me but it was something to the effect of "not available". Now what?

What if I just want my blog to be paleomom.com? Does it have to have the "blogspot" attached? How does this work? I have seen many blogs done on blogger without the "blogspot"...maybe I should contact them and ask how they did it.

I appreciate any direction you can give me. I have been reading posts on this site like crazy and will continue since these questions probably have already been answered! Thank you!




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