What If We Could...

What if we could change one thing about ourselves?  We surely have the power to do so.  There are many things within our own power.  We could change our clothing style, change whether we're always late or always early.  We could change our mood (not so easy but still doable!)  We could change our minds, our bedtime, our clocks, our hair color, and the list goes on.  But when someone asks "if you could change one thing about yourself?" our minds usually go straight to the physical.  

As women, many of us think immediately of our physical appearances.  We wish we were taller, shorter, thinner, had some hot gams, a better rear end, a different nose, more luxurious hair.  We often stand in front of our mirrors with our most brutal critic staring back at us.  More times than I care to admit I've said to myself in disgust, "You're so fat!"  Goodness, we do hear what comes out of our mouths and that's negativity, folks.  Imagine how horrified we'd be if someone said that to us.  We'd be outraged!  Who do they think they are telling me "you're so fat"?  How rude and obnoxious!  Then why do we accept it when WE say it to ourselves?  Shouldn't WE be talking more kindly to our own faces in the mirror?  If we aren't going to build ourselves up, then how can we expect anyone else to?

I became especially mindful of how I picked myself apart verbally when I realized my young daughter was listening.  To my horror, I heard my words come out of her mouth one day as she stood looking at herself in the mirror and I realized what I was doing.  I'm her mom and I'm thankful every day for that.  However, she listens to me and mimics me in many ways.  This was a way in which I did NOT want her to mimic me.  I want my daughter to look in the mirror and see in herself what I see;  a beautiful, healthy, bright, compassionate young woman who glows from within.  I don't want her to see what I used to see when I looked in the mirror;  some wrinkles (maybe a lot, I'm not saying), cellulite (is there any REAL cure?), an occasional dark circle, wave-goodbye arms, not-so-six-pack abs...

I want my daughter to look at me and see what REALLY is in the proverbial mirror that reflects me;  a mom who loves her fiercly and would do anything for her, a strong woman who has endured plenty and survived, a fun mom who dances and sings with her, and a friend who always, always has her back. 

So when we think of all those traits we could change about ourselves and we start with our appearance, take a beat.  Look at who you REALLY are apart from those things and let's be happy with what we're blessed with and have a good positive self image we can impart upon our children. 


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