What if you just said "no"?

Admit it. Sometimes you just really wanted to say “no”.

To attending a programme that you know can’t end fast enough to allow you to leave. To delivering a speech that someone asked you to make. To performing at a concert or being the godparent for someone’s child. Sometimes it’s as simple as running an errand for someone else that would mean carving some time out of your much-anticipated day off, when you promised that you would busy yourself doing nothing.

Women are the ones who suffer predominantly from this conflicting disease. The other day I was making a list of the things that I have learned, and one of my realizations was that we should allow ourselves the luxury of saying no to the things that we don’t want to spend time doing. Because when that thing isn't done well or we seem miserable doing it, nobody's going to believe that we agreed to it.

Of course, some of the requests are totally harmless and most of us think that lending a hand is only the neighbourly thing to do, and since you never know when the shoe will be on the other foot…. But do I want to purchase any more raffle tickets? Loan a well-loved book that I know I won’t get back? Make a frivolous purchase on an outing with the girls with the money I don’t have? No, no, and let's see, um, no.

My mother used to say that you shouldn’t ask a favour of a person if you’re not absolutely certain that the answer will be “yes”. I say that sometimes we shouldn't be afraid to "just say no". 


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