What I'm Loving Wednesday

Love being part of this blog hop, Little Daisy May
Today I'm loving a lot of things - but to narrow it down - 
1. Cooking!!! 

Last night I made Salmon, which is one of my favs, sweet potatoes and asparagus. It's always hard to juggle trying to cook different things on different temperatures for different times, but I think I made it work - 
Pre cook - I put the salmon and the asparagus on the same tray to make room for it all 


the finished product - 


Yum!! My 3 fav things ever - 
2. My Bling

RnR races always have the coolest medals, and if you run multiple races in a year, you get a medal for how many you did. I got mine in the mail yesterday for 3 races last year!
3. As always, Pinterest - some non decor, non food, non clothing finds this week 

how cute is this??? 
one of my fav yoga poses
good study guide
and of course, I can't go without showing my fav fabrics/style/decor pins

I want to cover the chair in my living room with this fabric
i love everything about this outfit
inspiration for my foyer
4. New blogs I've found
another pinterest find!
Have a great wednesday!

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